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Бесплатная фэнтезийная онлайн игра "Гиперборея"
Josephor Дата: Пятница, 10.10.2014, 13:40 | Сообщение # 261

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International Civil Aviation Organization calls for limiting air defense weapons to protect civil aviation security

July 30, according to foreign media reports, the International Civil Aviation Organization officials held an emergency meeting on the 29th, called on the UN to limit the use of anti-aircraft weapons, and called on countries to provide better information about the risks of flying to the airline.

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Secretary-General Benjamin Association (IATA) Director General Tony Tyler said in a press conference, MH17 crash disaster showed the urgent http://www.scontornare.it/10-piumini-moncler/14-moncler-milano.html - moncler milano need to perform these two http://www.autonoleggiomatrimonio.it/8-peuterey-outlet/2-peuterey-outlet.html - peuterey outlet steps to compensate for deficiencies in the field of aviation safety.

Tyler said http://www.autonoleggiomatrimonio.it/8-peuterey-outlet/2-peuterey-outlet.html - peuterey outlet the civilian aircraft "should never be the goal of becoming a weapon of war", but there is no international law or the Convention requires States to anti-aircraft weapons design, manufacture and deployment management. He believes http://www.carrosserie-quesada.fr/8-chaussures-louboutin.html - chaussures louboutin it can find a way to expand the framework of international law, to ensure that countries fully understand and perform their duties in this regard.

Tyler also said that the airline needs a clear and accurate information in order to make when, where, capable of safe flight operations decisions. He said that in MH17 incident, the airline was told by the flying height of 32,000 feet by the Ukrainian airspace is safe, but now we know that an error of this information.

Airports Council http://www.parrocchie.it/hogan.php - hogan outlet International Director General, Civil Air Navigation Services Organization leaders and ICAO president also attended the meeting.

Malaysia Airlines MH17 airliner crash site, is in the eastern part of the war conflict areas of Ukraine, flight safety issues thus highlighting the turbulent region. International Air Transport Association had previously said it would "spare no effort" to enhance aviation safety.

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Abe's visit to Australia of speech recognition and sympathy cheat "seeking to understand" another attempt

July 1, http://www.carrosserie-quesada.fr/9-louboutin-pas-cher/13-escarpins-louboutin.html - escarpins louboutin the Japanese Cabinet resolution with this "short cut" method lifted the ban on collective self-defense, caused widespread controversy. Japan, civil society organizations, trade unions and academics, writers and other people organized a march of thousands of people scale, without a referendum against the government on the implementation of such a major policy adjustments. Some East Asian countries, forcing the government to promote the ban Abe's intentions, can not but express doubts and criticism.

The Japanese government turned a deaf ear to the voice questioned, a few days after the lifting of the ban, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Defense Minister Onodera five overseas visits were typically started, just visit one of the highlights for the lifting of the ban collective self-defense to seek understanding and support.

Especially, the Japanese two politicians no shortage of activities for the Chinese intentions. First, access to opportunity, Japan ignored the Chinese People's emotions. July 7 is the "Marco Polo Bridge Incident" 77 anniversary of that day in 1937, the Japanese launched an all out war of aggression, caused untold suffering to the Chinese people. As the instigator of the war, Japan ought to bear in mind the occasion for reflection and repentance. On the contrary, the Japanese Prime Minister and Defense Minister has chosen this day, were http://www.autonoleggiomatrimonio.it/10-piumini-peuterey.html - piumini peuterey explained to the visiting country Japan lifted the collective self-defense significance. The ban collective self-defense, as Japan's future be able to open the use of force abroad "legitimate" military forces opened the door. In this regard, "stated," no doubt, is to victimized countries, including China, the people's hearts sprinkled http://www.scontornare.it/8-moncler-outlet/6-moncler-uomo.html - moncler uomo salt into the wound.

Secondly, the 锘縖url=http://www.parrocchie.it/hogan.php - hogan outlet Japanese forged "peaceful image" tricks to escape introspection. Asian countries, including China, has repeatedly asked Japan to reflect Japan's approach is tried to cover up, bleach history of aggression. Intransigence in Japan, this in turn focus on the "show" on. During a speech Abe's visit to Australia, hypocritically on the history of sin and terror that "seniors" apology, solemn oath "never allow a repeat of the last century's history." Fraud recognition and sympathy, can not change the fact that not repent.

Finally, Japan's security relationship by China to increase the pressure. Japanese Defense Minister Meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense's agenda includes a discussion of bilateral defense cooperation guidelines are being revised. This pointer is the former Soviet Union was originally developed as a hypothetical attack, in response to North Korea after modified, the modification is obvious target China as a guard. Onodera Five Code's visit, also devoted to the "China threat" and the United States. Abe and Australia signed an agreement on defense equipment cooperation agreement, Australia will purchase Japanese submarine. More striking is the positive development of bilateral relations in the direction of the alliance effort, Australian Prime Minister welcomed the Japanese ban collective self-defense, as a regional strategic partner more capable. Japan and Australia are allies of the United States, once established alliance between the two countries, the United States, Japan and Australia http://www.carrosserie-quesada.fr/9-louboutin-pas-cher/2-louboutin-femmes.html - louboutin femmes will be an important starting point for the triangular relationship the United States and the implementation of regional security strategy to contain China.

All along, the Abe government in sparing no effort to create trouble for China. In ideological terms, with the values ??of diplomacy to build an anti-China alliance. In foreign relations, China's neighboring countries through the draw to build encirclement of China. Now, in terms of security, collective self-defense of Japan by lifting machine, committed to build a military alliance against China.

Abe has kept that Japan will remain open dialogue door for China, China and Japan. "Inseparable." But its lip service to, often contradictory approach, not only can not get China's trust and friendship, it will highlight its more deeply sinister.

(Su Xiaohui author is deputy director of the China Institute for International Strategic Studies, Department of International issues)
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